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This was no normal brunch. What was planned as a civilised affair to celebrate a dear friends birthday around midday in Mayfair turned into a 14 hour bender, a bad hangover and a brilliant time…

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Avenue sits grandly on St James place a yellow, pollution soaked flag flaps at full mast beaconing brunchers into its swanky interior. There’s a coat check and a massive chandelier made of retro champagne glasses, huge mirrors so you can quite easily people watch without getting caught. Not that there are too many interesting characters around. I’m inside for only a minute and I get asked if I am Caggie from Made in Chelsea, it’s to be expected in this part of town I guess.

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I’m used to a more intimate home cooked affair for brunch, favouring the mismatched chair, specials board menu sort-of scenarios although Avenue is a welcomed change and fits for a special occasion too.

My diners all look the part, my friend Scarlett swans in in a slinky backless camisole putting my pinstriped marant-style shirt and skinny jeans to shame. This is glam-brunching.IMG_8419 IMG_8427As we are a party of 10 we are not allowed to order off the Ala Carte menu. We opt in for a 2 course set menu with an add-on of  unlimited Bloody Mary’s and Prosecco drinks deal for an extra £15.

IMG_8431 IMG_8434To start I opted for ribs and coleslaw although the coleslaw was sharp and vinegary with lots of crunch the ribs failed to own the dish and were flavourless and fatty throughout. I gave up after my 2nd rib and couldn’t even fob them off on my fellow diners. The two opposite me opted for an underwhelming fruit salad that looked like the sort your mum might have served up after dinner from a tin back in 90’s.

Main brunch was well done, albeit safe and uninspired. It was a fairly decent and tasty Eggs Benedict. Anna sitting to my right had buttermilk waffles which were delicious served with berries and maple syrup however looked a little underwhelming like the dishes lacked any enthusiasm or love.IMG_8449 IMG_8447 IMG_8441Rich sitting in front of me opted for fried chicken and mixed bbq beans. the chicken was deliciously salty but the beans looked like they may have spent a little too long under the food lamps.IMG_8479 IMG_8491 IMG_8499The Girls

IMG_8493The Guys

The food was not a highlight and neither was the rather unnecessarily snooty service. We got our moneys worth with the drinks but felt like they were reluctant to let us have more than 4 drinks each. We put on our coats and split.

Avenue is all swank without the S.IMG_8519

Avenue Restaurant

7-9 St James’s Street



020 7321 2111

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