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Water = Hydration and is the first and easiest step to getting better skin. Some people find it easy to ingest the recommended 2 litres a day, for some it’s a total pain in the ass; mundane, annoying and unappetising. But as the skin’s primary source of hydration our epidermis’ hydration levels depends on us ingesting H2O so we don’t dry out. But what about applying your water intake on top of your skin?

Beauty waters (ESSENCES/TONIC/LOTIONS…) was something I was testing out all of 2016. Did they work for me? What results did I see? Or was it an extra and unrewarding step to my skincare routine? I’m ready to share my findings with you lot!


If the product fits

I like to think I can maintain a minimalist skincare routine, but it just ain’t so. With my job as a beauty blogger / skincare obsessive my routine is complex so I MUST draw the line at doing anything unnecessary or isn’t results driven.

When I was first introduced to my first “Beauty Water” I was dubious. After an inspirational facial with skincare queen Su Man (you can read about her incredible and frankly life changing products here and check out her skincare ethos too as this is pretty life changing itself) I was gifted her Rehydrating Toning Essence to try. I had used various skin mists in the past with little to no effect on the skin other than they felt and smelt good. Su man’s beauty water was the first I used that I finally “got”. Fast forward to this winter…

Why I love it

I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my skin recently which is something that NEVER happens during the colder months when my skin is usually battered from the cold weather and red and angry from central heating. The credit goes to my latest beauty water on trial, quite literally the backbone to my skincare routine right now; Jurlique’s Activating Water Essence, my latest skin obsession.

Sure, the name is a mouthful and after reading the packaging a few times I still didn’t know what it was or would do for me until I started trying it. The guys at Jurlique were super psyched about this new product when it came out the tail end of last year, and rightly so. I am a total convert to beauty waters after using this everyday for 3 months.

Jurlique Activating Water Essence

 How does it work?

This water or “essence” as it’s called is used to make you skincare work harder. Don’t think that a beauty water can replace your serum or moisturiser because although has hydrating properties, it’s not hydrating enough to work alone. Think of it as more of a skincare optimiser that increases skins hydration levels by holding onto the water in your serums and creams for longer so you skin keeps receives your products benefits throughout the course of the day rather than just at application.

The water feelS slightly thicker than regular liquid water and are infused with biodynamically grown Marshmallow root that is naturally nourishes and hydrating to skin.

I love this product and after 4 weeks of testing noticed a difference in how much longer my skin felt and looked good over the course of the day. I will use beauty water always in the winter months but I’m yet to know if I will need it when the weather gets milder. We shall see!

My Beauty Water Fav’s





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    I personally love toners, mists and waters, not because of the dramatic changes they give to my skin, but more because, as you said, they make the following skincare steps more efficient, I also love the fresh feel they give to the skin! I’m adding this Jurlique one to the skincare wishlist!!

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    Milenka Millie

    Ooooh this sounds exactly like something my dry skin needs. I’m definitely one of those people who struggles to drink enough water throughout the day and I’m pretty sure my five cups of earl grey don’t count haha. I can see why you’d be hesitant at first – there are soooo many products out there and I never know if they’re worth getting! Def going to check this one out, though!


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      Emily Valentine Parr

      That’s why it took me so long to write this up. I kept getting it then trying another and being like meh…. the ones I’ve mentioned are the ones I like! Xx

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    The Little Blog of Beauty

    I do like an essence lotion/beauty water etc. I have dry and dehydrated skin but it really does struggle to absorb products. Thick/heavy/rich products are pointless because they will just sit on my skin, so the best thing for me is several layers of light easily absorbed products, especially if that product will help other products absorb well x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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      Emily Valentine Parr

      Yes I know exactly what you mean! That’s why the Korean multi step regimes work for us! Thanks for your comment xx

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    Audrey Leighton Rogers

    BRB goes to spend small fortune on beauty water….

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